Chapman’s Gluten Free Cookies and Cream Ice Cream – Review

I was heartbroken when I realized that gluten was hidden in some of my favourite ice creams. I thought I was going to be stuck with vanilla for the rest of my life. Well I was wrong!

A couple of days ago the shoppers in the freezer department of Walmart witnessed my famous food dance. This hip and shoulder shimmy comes out when I either get to eat tasty food or I find a new exciting product I can have.

This time it was for ice cream. Yes, it’s January and yes, I live in Canada but that didn’t stop me from putting Chapman’s gluten free and peanut and nut free cookies and cream ice cream in my cart. Not only┬ádid the freezer have a huge selection of Chapman’s gluten free ice cream but it was also the low price of $2.97!

They had everything from tiger tail, to vanilla, chocolate and even chocolate mint all gluten free.

Now, that I have gone on about the excitement, and how I danced from the freezer to the check out pushing my cart as if I were a child with candy, lets move on to the review.


The Chapman’s ice cream comes in a 2L box that fits nicely in any freezer and is easily stackable if you can’t choose just one flavour.

When I opened the box I wasn’t disappointed. It was filled to the brim with ice cream and it was filled with cookie parts.


Now for the real test – the taste test.

The smell of this ice cream in intoxicating. You can tell they use real vanilla and its packed with sugar. It’s almost magical.

As I took my first bite. I was carried away to a magical place of deliciousness. This ice cream is creamy and has just the right amount of sweetness. The cookie crumble pieces don’t have any aftertaste or funky texture that takes away from the ice cream. Whatever they did to this ice cream it made me look twice at the ingredients after I woke up from my ice cream day dream. I just had to make sure they weren’t lying because it was just so rich and packed filled with flavour.

I can predict that this ice cream isn’t going to last long in my house. So if you are afraid that someone is going to eat it all on you I’d suggest getting 2 boxes because this won’t stay long.

Until next time, happy eating.


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