Gluten Free Vegan Fresh Salsa

There is a lot of things that has gluten hidden inside either as a preservative or just as a thickener. I was surprised and even a little devastated when I found out it may be in one of my favourite salsas.

That didn’t stop me. I came up with my own Gluten Free Salsa recipe.


2 Jalapeños

2 large Tomatoes

¼ Cup of Fresh Cilantro

¼ Cup of Green Onions

¼ Cup of Red Onions

2-3 Tbsp of Lime Juice (Fresh or bottled)

1 big tbsp of Garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Container with a Lid


First make sure you wash all of your ingredients and make sure you have a nice clean surface to work on.

I cut my Jalapeños first so that the juices mix with the other ingredients.



I cut the ends off and then cut them in half and took out the seeds and the inner white parts of the Jalapeño.



After that I diced the Jalapeños into little pieces and put them into a container that has a lid.



After the Jalapeños were cut I took my washed Cilantro and started to chop that up nice and small as well.




Once they were both in the bowl I added my Lime juice and mixed them up so they could start marinating each other.



After they were mixed together I moved to the green onions. I cut off the ends of the onions and then started slicing.



After the Green Onions were cut and put in the bowl I moved to the red onions. I made sure to cut them into small diced pieces so that they didn’t overpower any of the other flavours.



Once that was all in the bowl I added the garlic.



Next I added the Salt and Pepper and mixed it all together. I wanted everything to marinate while I finished cutting the tomatoes.



The messiest part is here to come. Cutting the Tomatoes. I sliced the tomatoes and then cut them into the closest thing to squares.




After everything is cut mix it all together and put on the lid.



Next put it in the fridge for anywhere from one hour to overnight. That is if you can hold out that long. After its been in the fridge it’s the fun part – eating it.

I eat it with Tostitos Scoops because it picks up all the juices.



Now Enjoy!



Until next time, happy eating!



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