Annie’s Gluten Free Rice and Cheddar Review

One of the main staples in my home used to be Kraft Dinner. I ate it normally, I mixed it in things to make a goulash. But then bam, I was hit with an invitation to the gluten free club and bye bye KD.

I have been on a search for a substitute since the day I lost it. I finally found one that works.

Annie’s Gluten Free Rice and Cheddar, is a good substitute. It doesn’t have the classic KD taste and isn’t as rich but its the closest I have found yet.


The noodles are a bit starchy so make sure to add more water than it suggests to stop it from turning into a thick paste and boiling over.


But, after those noodles are cooked and you’ve added all the ingredients this is a wonderful treat. Once you get it mixed together thoroughly its creamy and just the right texture. (If you want to add a cheesier taste you can grate some cheese and mix it in to let it melt.)



The beauty of this mac and cheese is if you don’t finish it all it can be reheated! Unlike other gluten free noodles I have found they don’t go mushy or loose their shape. Just add a little bit of milk to your leftovers and put in the microwave for about 2 minutes mix and enjoy.

I like my mac and cheese with ketchup, what do you like on yours? Or do you like it plain?


Until next time, happy eating!



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