Sabatasso’s Gluten Free Pizza – Review

No one can resist a nice piping hot pizza. At least that’s what I thought. As my membership to the gluten free club got deeper I started to smell gluten from feet away. Pizza no longer smelt like a paradise with melty cheese. It smelt more like pain and would make my stomach churn. But I wasn’t ready to give up.

This club wasn’t going to ruin pizza. I found ones that tasted like cardboard, ones that didn’t even come close and then I went to Costco.

I found my melty paradise again with Sabatasso’s Gluten Free Cheese Pizza. This box not only holds one but two pizzas and is under 20 bucks! That right there was a miracle on its own.


I was skeptical the first time but that soon changed. This pizza cooks the same as any other boxed pizza and even fits in a proper pizza pan.


Each pizza comes in the box separately packaged with a cardboard backing under it so you don’t get a wonky pizza.

After I took the pizza out of its protective casings I started to get excited. The crust looked thin but it didn’t look like it was going to break under pressure and the cheese was a nice layer. this meant there was going to be some good melting going on.

While baking this pizza my only suggestion is to watch it. If I had of left it in for a minute longer I think it would have burnt. So be careful when you are waiting for it to be crispy that it doesn’t get too crispy. But, like other pizzas once it started baking you could smell it through the whole house. Now I was getting really excited.


This pizza got so crispy you could hear it crunch under my knife. The cheese melted nicely but when I cut it, like some pizza’s it didn’t have a fall off problem. I found with some gluten free pizzas the cheese or toppings wouldn’t stay on the appropriate slice. This one didn’t do that. everything stayed put.


Now for the fun part. Eating it. This pizza made up for all of the heartbreak I have had with pizza. I couldn’t eat just one slice. (I actually ate half the pizza to myself.) The crust tastes like a traditional thin crust pizza, its hard to tell that its gluten free. I even checked the box to make sure I made the right one. The sauce is a sweeter pizza sauce but it doesn’t overpower any other part of the pizza. The cheese well the cheese was perfect. I always found even before my initiation to the club I would always end up adding more cheese. Well this pizza doesn’t need it. The only thing I did find was this pizza can get a little greasy, but some of the best pizzas do.


The beauty of this pizza is that you can add to it. You can make any pizza you would like, a Hawaiian, veggie, meat lovers anything really. I tried it with pepperoni and was in complete bliss.


All in all this pizza was a complete win. It didn’t break the bank for two pizzas, it tastes wonderful, its versatile. The only complaint I found was that it can get a bit greasy.

I hope this helps on your quest for some normalcy, and if there is anything you would like me to review please leave it in the comments.

Until next time, happy eating.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Linda Holliday says:

    I have bought your pizza’s from Costco as I open passages wonder is your company short on sauce,cheese,pepperoni. The ones i’m getting lately seem to be short on them.


    1. Amy Bridges says:

      I just did a review they aren’t my pizzas. Maybe contact the company instead.


  2. Jaeiah Van Dyke says:

    Costco no longer carries this pizza in ANY of their warehouses! Please contact Costco and request that they bring it back?


    1. Amy Bridges says:

      I bought it a couple days ago. They do run out a lot though.


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