Campbell’s Herbed Chicken with Rice -Review

Quick canned meals were a part of most childhoods. Who doesn’t remember Zoodles or canned soup on those winter days. Well this wonderful club we are in doesn’t always like those quick meals.

Luckily Campbell’s has started to create some gluten free canned meals. One of them being the Herbed Chicken with Rice. A smart take on chicken noodle without the noodle. It even says gluten free right on the can.

These kept flying off the shelf at Walmart so I had to try it.


For once I felt normal. I was even able to use a normal can opener to open it. When I opened it, it smelled like just what it says herbed chicken with rice. I got excited.


This soup is filled with liquid, rice and carrots. As it boiled I got out my bowl and started to make a tea. Just like I used to do.

Now that it was nice and hot all that was left was to eat it. I liked this one open, heat and eat. Nice and simple.


This soup was nice and light, it had a rich flavour that wasn’t overly salty like some of them. You could taste the different flavours in the soup and it was nice to relax and have something warm and comforting without turning my kitchen into a 5 star restaurant first.

I did have one complaint – where was the chicken. I ate the whole can to myself because it was good but in the whole can there was only two chunks of chicken. I could have just grabbed a fluke can so I am going to try this soup again. But be aware of the lack of chicken. Even though there wasn’t a lot of chicken there was a lot of taste. So overall it was still a win in my books. I mean what more can you ask for when it comes to less then 2 dollars and gluten free.

Until next time, happy eating.


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