Gluten Free Pasta Salad

It might not be warm here yet but I’ve been channeling all the warm spring and summer thoughts I can. Including summer foods. I had been craving a nice cold pasta salad lately so I decided to make one. This recipe is super simple and easy to do. It’s also deliciously rich and flavourful.


2 chicken breasts

3 stalks of celery

1/4 red onion

4 cups of gluten free fusilli noodles

1 tbsp margarine

2.5 cups of mayonnaise

This recipe is super simple. You can even use leftover or store bought rotisserie chicken if you wanted to. I steam my chicken for this recipe. The beauty of steamed chicken is that its super moist, its easy and there are no added fats to the cooking process. This recipe is made in steps so the first one is the chicken. I took my two chicken breasts and put them in my steamer for an hour.


I went and watched a movie while I waited for it to steam. Once they were finished I took them out and put them into a container to cool. This doesn’t work with warm chicken. You could make the chicken and the noodles at the same time but I find this way works better for me.


After it was cooled it broke it up into pieces and put it in my trusty food processor to grind it up nice and small.

While I had the processor out I also cut up my red onion and used it in the processor too.

I also prepped the celery. This was the most painstaking part of the whole process. I just cut off the ends, cut them in half and then sliced them small. (I mean woooo it was such a difficult part.)

I put all of the prepped parts in the fridge and next its time to make the noodles. I use Great Value Fusilli noodles for this. These noodles are amazing they cook well they don’t get mushy. (If you want to read more about these noodles you can here.)


After they are cooked make sure to rinse them out well. They do tend to get starchy.


While the noodles are still hot transfer them to a big bowl and ad in the tbsp of margarine. This will stop the noodles from sticking to each other while they cool down.


I went and watched another movie while these cooled down and then I added all the chicken, onion and celery to the noodles. Mix them all together thoroughly.

Next its time to add the mayo. Add it a little at a time while mixing to make sure there aren’t any big spots of mayo that hasn’t been mixed in.


Once everything is mixed in put it all in a closed container and put it in the fridge for at least an hour. This lets the salad settle and mix together.

All that is left now is to enjoy.


Until next time, happy eating!



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