Qi’a GF Cinnamon Pumpkin Seed Oatmeal Review

Logically oatmeal should be gluten free. But, in reality not all of it is. Oats and wheat fields are generally grown side by side. This can cause cross contamination issues and well no one wants that.

I normally need something easy in the morning and something that is going to give me energy. Being in Canada, in the winter months I need a warm breakfast to keep me going. Recently I found this Qi’a hot oatmeal and I had to try it.


The oatmeal comes in these convenient single packets. You could bring them with you when you travel, go to work or school or anywhere which is nice and handy. It also helps to keep any contaminates off of them.


It comes out as a normal size serving like most prepackaged oatmeals which is nice.


I added the recommended amount of hot water and let it sit like it suggested and voila oatmeal. I took the first bite and realized why it suggested to add any sweeteners or fruit to the oatmeal. It tasted like plain grains, no sugar no flavour. So I did what it suggested and added both.


I added some honey and blueberries. That’s when I was in hot breakfast zen. It was so good with some added sweetness and fruit. I couldn’t get enough of this oatmeal. I’m going to try the other flavours this comes in.


It’s been so good I’ve eaten it every day this week. I think I have found a new staple in my cupboard.


Despite the grainy taste without something to sweeten it up this oatmeal is delicious. I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow.

Until next time, happy eating.





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