Promise Gluten Free High Fibre Multigrain Bread Review

I have had a love hate relationship with bread ever since I was inducted into the Gluten Free Club. I used to love bread, sandwiches, toast and just soft bread with butter.

Then bam! No more fluffy white bread or french bread with a nice crunch or even delectable sour dough. Bread has been hard to figure out.

The first loaf of gluten free bread I tried was so hard I smashed it against the shopping cart and it made a loud bang it was so hard.

Well I’ve been on the search for soft bread ever since. Well whenever I find a new brand of bread I have to try it.

I went to Metro and found this! Not only is it gluten free but its also dairy free, soy free, low fat and high in fibre. It’s also a sour dough!!


I was excited when I picked this bread up it was soft. It was squishy like it could be flattened if I put it in the wrong bag. I was so excited I did my food my dance.


Now to take the bread home and try it. I decided to be brave and try the bread without toasting it. Its so fluffy you could see all the air in the bread the moment I took it out of the bag. You can see all the grains right in the bread.


I tried a piece with jam and a sandwich with lactose free cheese and gluten free sandwich meats. I was almost too excited to take the photos.


I ate the one with jam first. As I sat at the table taking my first bites of this delicious bread I was completely silent. It wasn’t dry or crumbling it was flavourful and didn’t need butter or anything else to add moisture into it. It was delicious. I couldn’t believe it, I almost cried. I was so happy.

Next was the sandwich. I was weary of this one. There was a lot of things int he sandwich that weren’t a sauce like the jam.


This sandwich was the best sandwich I have had in years. It was soft and full of flavour and wasn’t overpowered by the pounds of mayo and honey mustard and margarine that I have had to use in the past. I didn’t speak the entire time I just sat there in magnificent bliss.

The only thing I could find that I didn’t like about this bread is the crust. It tastes burnt and has a odd taste. So that needs to be cut off. Once that is gone this bread is amazing.

If you ever get your hands on this bread never let it go. I ate the whole loaf in less then a week. I didn’t have to toast it once to make it editable not once! I have been spoiled by this delicious bread and will never go back.

Not ever!

Well I hope this review was helpful and until next time, Happy Eating!


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