Make it Monday – The frustrations, fails and fortitude

Lately my recipe making has been defeating me. I get excited try new things and then like a lot of what happened in the beginning of my journey I get frustrated and disappointed.

Because of this, I have avoided trying new foods. I haven’t touched a new recipe in weeks and I feel lost.

But, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to show you things aren’t going to work and things are going to be hard but you have to keep going. You also aren’t alone in this messy journey. Despite everything that is going on this week I am going to try a new recipe.

This one like my donuts is going to be a first for me to make, but I’m doing it anyway.

Everyone needs a laugh on dreary Mondays so here are my past fails.

Crêpes – The scrambled mess that turned into runny muffins

I was so excited for these. I bought fresh fruit, had some Nutella to make some chocolatey type ones and got everything ready. Ready to fail. I think I added too much xantham gum but whatever it was I could not get this batter to thin out even after adding double the liquid.

When cooked they looked like a mix between pancakes and scrambled eggs.


So I decided to try and salvage them by adding some jam and fruit to make them into muffins. Well they baked and even burned but when they were cut open they were still raw.

So with frustration and tears in the garbage they went and I had cereal.


The pizza with a see-through crust

Yep, you read that right see-through! I tried to adapt a recipe using a variety of the flours I had in my house. Well It looked great.


But when I cut into it, if you look closely you can see that its sort of see-through in the middle. It tasted like raw rice and was chewy like toffee. This, this was an abomination to pizza.



The dreaded chicken fiasco

All I have to say is never cook something new when you have a cold and can’t taste anything. The only thing good about this chicken was that it looked pretty. Thats it!


Well now that you have seen my fails, onto my delicious wins. If you want the recipes for any of these please leave a comment. If you have any funny fails feel free to share them here. Until next time, Happy Eating!




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