Gluten Free No Bake Cherry Cheesecake

I have been dreaming about cheesecake for months. With all the videos popping up on social media and people posting their delicious desserts it was just getting worse. So, I finally took the plunge. Here is my recipe for a no bake cherry cheesecake. Just like all of my other recipes there is a printable at the bottom for easy use. This recipe turned out so well it deserves my food dance.



2 cups of gluten free graham crackers

2 tbsp sugar

2-6 tbsp melted butter/margarine or coconut oil

1 box of gluten free vanilla pudding

2 cups of milk – cow, coconut, almond or whichever one you prefer

1 box of regular cream cheese

1 cab of cherry pie filling


I found these amazing graham crackers on sale so I just had to get them. They taste and even crunch the way a graham cracker should.


I broke up the crackers and put them into my food processor to grind them down into crumbs. You can do this in a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin if you don’t have a processor.

Then you are going to add your 2 tbsp of sugar and mix well so there aren’t any spots that have a lot or no sugar.


After everything is mixed well melt your butter or whatever oil you are using in a little bowl and slowly add it into your mixture. You know its ready when everything starts to clump and stick together.


Next you are going to put your crust into a pie pan. I decided to use a disposable one for easy use. Make sure to pat it down firmly. Then you are going to put it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to set. While this is setting you can get the filling ready.


This is going to be the easiest and yet richest cheesecake filling you will ever make. First take some gluten free vanilla pudding. I know Jello isn’t certified as gluten free but there are no gluten ingredients and in Canada it legally needs to state if it has come in contact with or may come in contact with it.


Next you are going to make it following the instructions. In this case I needed to mix it with 2 cups of milk.


Next you are going to take room temperature cream cheese and cut it into chunks. Add it to your pudding in the mixer. You can do this by hand but it will take some arm strength.

You are going to mix it thoroughly until it is smooth and there are no large chunks. There might be some small ones and thats okay.


Now that your crust has set and your filling is finished all you need to do is put the whole thing together. First you are going to add your cream cheese filling to the pie. Make it as smooth as possible.


Next take your gluten free canned cherries. Yes, you can use freshly made cherry pie filling, but I live in Canada and cherries are not ripe yet. So for easy use I just use the canned ones. All you are going to do with the cherries is spread it along the top of your pie until you are satisfied with it.

Now, I didn’t want to waste anything so I made a separate pie with my leftovers. I mean you don’t want to waste it!


Now the hard part is waiting for this delicious piece of bliss to set. It should sit in the fridge for at least an hour up to 24 hours until you serve it. You can eat it right away if you can’t wait but it is better the longer it sits in the fridge. Just a warning it may not last more then a day or two because its addicting.

Now all that’s left is to cut it, serve it and eat it. Until next time, Happy Eating!



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