Toufayan Gluten Free Wraps – Review

Since I couldn’t find my normal wraps I decided to try a new brand. This brand was definitely different.


When you open the package right away you can smell a strong vinegar smell. Already I was a little worried. But I went on. Like my other wraps I warmed them up so they would be easier to work with. Unlike my other wraps I don’t think this step was necessary. They didn’t fall apart right away and they didn’t crack the second I thought about rolling them.


While it was warming up I took a piece off and ate it with nothing on it. That strong vinegar smell went with a strong vinegar taste. But I proceeded. We were having fajitas and nothing was going to stop me from being at least a little bit normal. Everyone else got wraps and so I was determined to have them too.

So I filled the wraps and was hopeful.

Well low and behold they were delicious with fillings. The vinegar smell was still there but after that first bite I was excited. As long as it is filled with something the vinegar taste of the wraps gets masked and it tastes like a normal wrap. Oh and it didn’t break into pieces!!! It held together the whole time. You can see it in this photo, there isn’t even a fear of it breaking. There are no pieces struggling to hold on or mini tears anywhere.


I was so excited and happy this dance came out.


So as long as you can get over the vinegar smell and have something tasty to go inside of them. These wraps are wonderful and hold together like a normal wrap.

Until next time, Happy Eating.


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