My Story

I love food, whether salty, sweet or savoury. My whole life has revolved around food, from my first memories of learning how to peel a potato to the first time I made cookies all by myself.

But, as I grew up food started not to agree with me, I remember throwing up after eating certain foods and constantly having stomach issues. No one knew what was going on. After a while it was just assumed that I was faking it and wanted the attention.

Well after 24 years my body decided to prove everyone wrong.

The week before my wedding day was stressful enough, there were still flowers to make and preparations to be finished. But, my body decided it had enough, and a bagel did me in. I broke out in hives, couldn’t breathe and my body convulsed in shock. The doctors came in after my body calmed down and they were able to stop all the vomiting, and they told me something that would change my life forever. I was allergic to gluten. I thought my life was over.

The week leading up to the wedding I ate rice and jello and fruit because it was all I could find. I was starving and miserable, but I wasn’t going to walk down the isle with hives. I couldn’t even eat at my own wedding.

At the beginning, you would find me bawling in the middle of a grocery store because I didn’t know what to eat. Life was hard and my go to was taken away from me. When life got hard and I needed to relax I would cook or bake and it would help. Well not this time.

Eventually, things got better. I found out what I could and couldn’t eat and even managed to go through everything else. My makeup, bathroom supplies even my medicine cabinet had to be gone through, but I made it.

That was back in 2012, and now, many years later, I have gotten the hang of most of it. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of family, friends and the gluten free bloggers of the world, I figured it out.

Instead of crying in the grocery store because I’m starving, I’m crying because I found something new and exciting to try.

I have figured out how to adapt and make the foods I love without having to take an epi-pen shot for dessert. There are still plenty of struggles and things I miss like donuts from Tim Hortons, and being able to just grab something quick from McDonalds but, I’m still determined to make my own versions of them.

Being gluten free is a challenge, but it’s not the end of the world.  Being gluten free has taught me to be determined and that there are always other solutions. Those moments of triumph and finding that one dessert, the heavenly brownie or cookie are now more tantalizing and memorable. They make those moments of struggle and heartache worth it.

I will never forget my first taste of a gluten free brownie that just melted in my mouth, and I just melted in my seat enjoying it. No matter if its having to go gluten free, or anything else that gives your life a little difficulty down the road it doesn’t mean your life is over. It just means you have to find another way of living.

In my struggles and triumphs there have been many places and people that have helped me on my way and now, I am going to return the favour. That, is why I have created Wild and Wheat Free, so I can share everything I have learned. And hopefully I can help at least one person make their new life just a little bit easier.

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