Gluten and Alcohol

The stress that comes with daily life and then the added stresses of being gluten free can get really harsh some days. Some people go to have a drink to relieve some of that stress. It can also be a way to celebrate or even just a social event. Either way alcohol has become a big part our society.

The problem is alcohol can have gluten hiding within it too, so now, your stress relief can be the very stress you are trying to get away from.

The harsh reality and betrayal of allergy free cosmetics

Makeup was my life. From fashion shows, film, to personal requests, I loved being a makeup artist. Some of my happiest moments were during my schooling at the School of Makeup Art in Toronto. I could bring a smile to the saddest person with just some simple blush and mascara to bring out their eyes. I thought I was helping and making people feel beautiful. Little did I know, I could have been poisoning them instead.

Gluten Free Flours

Just because you can’t use wheat flours anymore doesn’t mean you can’t use any type of flour. I also doesn’t mean you will never see another thick sauce or bake another delicious goody. I merely means you will be going a different route. There are plenty of different flours and way to use them that…

So you’re gluten free – now what?

The initial shock of having to go gluten free will wear off after a while. But, then what? Whether its for celiac, an intolerance, an allergy or for any other reason having to go gluten free isn’t going to be an easy transition. That doesn’t mean it will be an impossible one.